Woodworking Is Our Specialty


These cutting boards are the pinnacle of woodworking. They are the bread and butter of The Everythingery. Ranging from high end works of art to some of your more basic designs and everything in between. Our cutting boards will always leave you satisfied with your purchase.

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Our plaques are NOT like the other guys. You will cherish one of these plaques for many years. Most important of all, weather it's the extremely detailed silhouette of your state or your own custom design, you will have a One-Of-A-Kind home for your prized piece.

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We believe these items are the most unique, due to the fact that they are thought of by you. We start with your idea and transform it into something truly amazing!

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Simply put we don't like repetition, because we prefer innovation. Some companies thrive on putting out the same product day after day, unlike us, we enjoy a variety. That's what makes life interesting. Weather we are designing a new style plaque or working with a new exotic species of wood, we love what we do and we do it very well. There is nowhere else you can go to get a plaque, an end grain cutting board, a bow pulpit for your boat and finally, a custom pizza cutter all in one place.

You will be sure to love all of our designs. Our founder creates all of our designs in house and they are completely original. Using only the highest grade products available and with a meticulous eye for detail, we craft every project with the utmost care. We never just "slap something together" to make a profit, because customer satifaction is our top priority. Once you get your hands on one of our products, you will see the difference between us and everybody else. Do you want to save a couple of dollars and get something sub-par that won't last more than a couple of years, or buy your next family heirloom. View our galleries and put any remaining doubt about us to rest, because our products speak for themselves. The choice is pretty simple, so go with The Everythingery and never be disappointed.

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Now that you have read all about us, it's time to see what all that talk was about. We have multiple galleries as well as a wood species page to help you with your decision. Start viewing our products by clicking on one of the links, then contact us, fill out a quote request form, or message us on Facebook when you get inspired by something you see in our gallery. We hope you enjoy our galleries and our products, and we look forward to be doing buisness with you soon.