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What Is The Build Portfolio?

The build portfolio is a page where you can view our featured builds. You will see a variety of products and wood species showcased here. Typically we like to feature an exceptionally difficult project, a particularly unique item, a new exciting species of wood or just something we're proud of. Also on this page you can find inspiration for your own custom order project. Whatever the out come we are sure that you will enjoy viewing this page because of the unique items featured. Now check out the slideshows below and when you see something that you like contact us , submit a quote request form or continue to the other galleries.

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This piece is one of the more unique items we have made. One of the less extravagant pieces but still a beauty nonetheless.

Without one of these on the bow of your boat, raising and lowering an anchor is a much greater task. When installed, this bow pulpit will provide a very strong and weather resistant surface to mount the anchor winch and pulley assembly to the bow of the boat. This customers boat did not come with one of these new from the factory nor did they offer an aftermarket one either, in steps The Everythingery. With a few simple measurements in addition to a small stack of Jarrah wood we went to work creating the crucial missing piece of this boat. With the project finished, our customer finally had the missing piece of his boat. Just another example of the role that The Everythingery plays in the world of manufacturing.

Product /Customer Request

"MALIBU"  Sign

The sign seen here is a definite "One-Of-A-Kind". This was designed for a true Malibu rum fan. It was created from monkey pod, white oak, yellow heart and padauk woods, as a result this sign is definitely something special. Every part of this sign was crafted by hand, from the trees to the letters and then finished with two coats of danish oil. It would make a unique centerpiece for any bar, from a man cave to a professional establishment and anything in between. A sign like this cannot be purchased in any store because only The Everythingery can provide a service like this.

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