Face Grain Cutting Boards


About Face Grain Cutting Boards

Face grain cutting boards are more of a utilitarian cutting board. These moderately priced boards are not as extravagant as the end grain boards. Nonetheless they are still quite unique and very beautiful. All of our boards are assembled and finished using only food safe products. You have many shapes and sizes to choose from, as well as a variety of different woods. Wood is naturally anti-bacterial, therefore making it an excellent choice for a cutting board. Maintenance is minimal with these boards. Wash with warm soapy water and promptly dry, then just simply wax and polish after every few uses to ensure your cutting boards' longevity. This is an easy process and does not take very long. If taken care of properly one of these boards will last you a lifetime.



Face grain cutting boards are a very versital board, they are both tough and long lasting. These boards will hold up to years of use from all types of knives, due to the fact that the face grain of a board is extremely hard. Our face grain boards are great for cutting loaves of bread, dicing up some vegetables or for use as a serving tray. Some people just use them for wall decorations in their kitchen or dining room. You can be rest assured that whatever you choose to do with yours, that it will make a great edition to your home.



After deciding this is the right board for you, browse our wood species gallery and make your selections. Then fill out the quote request form for a price quote and start the ordering process. Some of these boards may be for sale now, check and see.