What is The Unique Products page?

Our Unique Products page is all about the customer and their imagination. This is the page where you can view customer requested items. Types of wood, shape, size, use, all of these choices are yours to make. Do you have a need for something that doesn’t exist for sale anywhere, we can make it. Maybe you just want a version of something unlike any you’ve seen before, we can make it. Perhaps you don’t know what you want at all, we can help you with that too. Take a look at our Unique Products gallery to see some of the past projects that we’ve done.

This is our favorite category to work in because there are no plans and even we get surprised with the end result. Everything in this category is done based on our knowledge, experience and your vision to create a truly One-Of-A-Kind piece. Sometimes a project comes out so unique that people feel that they have to get one for a friend too. We will reproduce any product that you see in this category with slight variations to preserve every items uniqueness. We wouldn’t want you to see your One-Of-A-Kind item in someone else’s house. All prices are as unique as the products, as you can probably imagine.

Enjoy browsing our Unique Products gallery and when you see something here that you like or inspires you, feel free to contact us with your questions or for more information. If you know what you want and are looking for a price, you can submit a Quote Request Form.