Our Wood Species Gallery


In our Wood Species Gallery you can view the many types of wood species that we utilize in our various projects. In this gallery you will see the most popular woods we work with. Though there are hundreds of species of wood on the planet, we can’t show them all. Maple, cherry and walnut are some of the more traditional woods, but we don’t stop there. We like to spice things up a little with some more exotic species like zebra wood, wenge, padauk. We don’t like to limit ourselves when it comes to variety. There are so many beautiful wood species to work with, it would be a shame to only use three types. If by chance there is a wood species that you don’t see, just ask, we have many more available to us.

Maybe you have a color in your kitchen you want to accent, a particular unknown wood that you’re trying to match for a project, or just want to browse woods that you have never seen before, this gallery is for you. We will give you our recommendations on which woods to use for certain projects as well as species statistics. It is our goal that you to be as satisfied as possible, that’s why we give you as much information on our products as possible.  We hope you enjoy our gallery and find it helpful in making a decision with the product you have in mind.